I’m Caitlin. Calligrapher, stationery designer and general admirer of all things hand lettering.

Brahmin Lettering Co. is just me – a self-taught girl who loves beautiful handwriting, an American managing to resist the lure of deep fried Mars bars in my adopted home of Glasgow, Scotland.

Growing up in the shadow of my mother's elegant handwriting – her shopping lists alone would put most professional calligraphers to shame – beautiful lettering was in my blood. After a taking a refresher course with a friend in the lead up to her wedding, I officially caught the calligraphy bug.

Soon I was taking on projects for friends, and then friends of friends, and soon Brahmin Lettering Co. was born. It was named to pay homage to my hometown and spiritual homeland of Boston, Massachusetts and its discretely elegant Boston Brahmins

Out of my home studio, I design bespoke wedding stationery, create original calligraphy artwork prints and paint wedding backdrops. I also teach modern calligraphy and brush lettering workshops throughout Scotland.


Brahmin Lettering Co. was born out of my love for the hand-written word.

In a world flooded with hasty emails, tweets, texts and eBooks, I believe that the lost art of beautiful handwriting makes people happy.

Whether it’s a quickly scribbled note from a friend or a carefully scrawled letter from your gran, it’s the feeling of humanity, delicate and imperfect as that can be, that makes it beautiful. In the era of digital everything, it's my aim to put the heart and soul back into the written word. 

Brahmin Lettering Co. Calligraphy Workshops Edinburgh Glasgow

Calligraphy styles

I work in two different modern calligraphy styles - a delicate yet casual pointed pen style and a more expressive and fun brush lettering style. Pointed pen work is usually limited to stationery and other paper-based designs, however my brush lettering uses a variety of media on paper, cloth, glass and sometimes more unconventional surfaces. I specialise in the creation of large-scale fabric calligraphy banners to act as backdrops for weddings and special events. For more examples of my work, check out my Portfolio or my Instagram.

Pointed pen calligraphy

Pointed pen calligraphy

Brush calligraphy

Brush calligraphy

Fabric calligraphy backdrop

Fabric calligraphy backdrop

Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas


In 2018, I was lucky enough to be involved in the Channel 4 programme Kirstie’s Handmade Christmas. I joined three other lovely ladies in the Best Dressed Table Competition with my designs for a Christmas table inspired by “Brush Letters to Santa”. Sadly I didn’t win but I loved every minute of it. Check out my Instagram for more behind the scenes and How Tos for my makes for the programme.